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Christmas Altamira 2016


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We got to do a lot off work in Altamira, where we not only did our Brand new 3D Mapping, but also work on the entire first block of the presidency. Now that’s the spirit.

Mapping Matamoros, Tam. Brilliant Christmas


Christmas themed Video Mapping 3D.

Museo Casa Mata Mapping 3D


Projection in a Museum in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

5th National Middle School Sports Nuevo Leon 2012


Inaugural video mapping for the 5th National Middle School Sports Nuevo Leon 2012.

Video Mapping ADIAT


Video Mapping for congress ADIAT 2012. Show witness by the candidates to the presidency 2012.

Political Video Mapping 3D

Project done several years ago for a candidate for Mayor. We use one 35k Christie Rodie Projector. That thing is a beast.



Heading to our biggest challenge yet. Just imagine Citelis, Zaha Hadid Architects, Escala and Piraña Cine working together for the biggest show in Mexico.

Energy Plan NL


They hire us we delivered. working with Fenix Post to make this one awesome event. Working on the visual graphics and stage layout.



University of Security Sciences. Great work with Emilio Delgado on the hymn. This type of work is the kind that will need to last the test of time.

12th Anniversary


A day like today it all began. The rest is history. Thanks to all that have been part of us in our brief history. All of the crew that have helped assist our clients.

Fondo Tamaulipas


In this government project we got to travel all over the state of Tamaulipas meeting people with different working backgrounds. All to push a campaign in favor of government credit for small business. It was a rush 11 places in 6 cities in 5 days. As you can see from the pictures below it was a trip. Al shoot beautiful full HD with a SONY FS-700 and Rokinon lenses. It was all shoot with a 35mm Lens. Israel Mora on camera.


We got to do some motion graphics for our friends at Publish88. Here’s a look.

ALPHA Logistic Corporate Customs


With the need of a production well coordinated to bring a world class look and feel, we manage to make something really special it took time and effort and it shows. Gaffer Israel Mora and his rigging equipment where fundamental on this, we put the camera where ever we wanted. Here a few pics.

Los Generales Buffet’s


Once again with Director Laura Manzano at the helm, we where back on a bigger more complex production. With a wedding and what one would call a sweet sixteen in the united staetes all in one commercial, logistics where very tight this time around.



We got to work with one of the biggest Corporate player’s in Nuevo Leon ALFA in a project to show all of their division’s product’s. Alfonso Iduñate’s talent was vital in the entire process since he’s the actor. It took three months of hard work to pull this off, at the end all I can say it was more than worth it. For corporate reasons we can’t show you the video but here are some pick’s.

5th National Elementary School Games

We got invited by Glamco’s Ernesto Falcon to create video mapping 3D content for the national elementary games on their fifth edition. A project with a lot of energy.

ADIAT Congress


We got to do 3D video mapping for ADIAT congress in Cintermex, under the leadership of Jorge Guajardo from Fenix Post. The biggest challenge for us had to do with shrinking in to 7 minutes Nuevo Leon’s history and future of tecnology. We also designed and build the stage amazing look, over all it was a 3 month project. Ernesto Falcon did the mapping and Emilio Delgado worked the audio. Here is the final product, enjoy.

We are Back

We got hacked, but thank’s to Luis Sanchez from who got things rolling we are now able to keep updating our latest projects.

La Prima de Comex


We obtained the campaign La Prima de Comex. It was fun. This time we do a little comedy, it feels good for a moment out of the corporate structure. Good teamwork. The result was very satisfactory.



Once again Stiva allowed us to be part of it’s vision towards 2015, by designing concepts that motivate a mentality and a culture of work. Not only did we participate producing the video but also in the set up of a screen, light and sound to support the audiovisual experience, with a little gadget help from our friends of ProShow. It was excellent evening.

Los Generales


Los Generales Buffet ask us to go hand in hand in this new approach to TV advertising, we took their trust a long with creative Director Laura Manzano and shoot this beautiful series of 4 commercials in High Definition; that ignite appetite. It was a long day of product shoot’s and set’s with talent’s. At the end of the day with every product shoot the whole crew was still hungry.

Tigres UANL


Once again we worked for an amazing institution by the new advertising campaign for 2011 Opening FMF Soccer Club TIGRES . Advertising agency BCMexico was at the creative controls. A 10 day project for it’s completion, full of responsibility and challenges to coordinate land crew with crane at a soccer game on par with the aerial crew none the less, the results are for all to see. Also in the mix for the photo shoot our good friend John Takuva. But the real beauty is not the HD cameras or the technology behind it, it’s you the fan’s.

Helvex Fundation


Helvex Fundation worried about the culture of water, produces in 2011 a campaign in which middle schools participate in challenge that stimulates creativity about taking care of the vital liquid, we where ask to post-produce a video that would get that idea across and generate participation. Overall the results where very gratafing. We can all make this world better.

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Ecotweet a division of Planet Up says Hello world! In it’s launch event we where able to help in all of the post-production multimedia content displayed. It’s a now a great app for Iphone and Blackberry, that let’s you help out the world we living. To be able to pull this off in time, our friend Jorge Guajardo entered for support. We where glad to help out in getting this idea across.